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NFC Infoboard

Acrylic boards for interactive use, e.g. as info boards at schools, signage for hiking trails, museums, menu cards, price signage, etc.

Various formats to choose from (A1 to A4 or special formats)

NFC info fields by means of NFC chips, which are attached directly behind the board or via 3D stickers attached to the front as a design element.

  • Cut to shape withCO2 laser incl. 4 holes for mounting
  • Full-surface semi-transparent printing on the back by means of UV 5c printing (incl. white) + primer protective lacquer
  • Incl. 4 Fisso stainless steel wall spacers D13mm with mounting material (screws, dowels)
  • Incl. Additional costs for NFC coding as well as additional printing costs
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