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Rastal Smartglass mug

Rastal GmbH & Co KG is specialized in innovative drinking glass and decor design and we, SINNUP GmbH, distribute RASTAL Smartglass exclusively in Austria .

The innovative RASTAL SMARTPRINT® printing process “hides” the NFC chip permanently and dishwasher-safe in a decoration or brand image. The glasses are printed by a 2-color direct printing process. Due to the worldwide unique identity (UID number), each glass is therefore unique.

The NFC applications work without an app. The integrated NFC chip enables a connection over a short distance. Simply hold the smartphone a few centimeters above the chip to have the defined application start automatically.

Infinite possibilities through the real-time cloud system. Benefit from dozens of added values, such as:

  • One-to-one interaction with relevant target groups
  • Compatible with all systems and applications
  • Statistics and evaluations available in real time
  • Instant campaign feedback
  • Digital individualization per vessel with the Telekom cloud – implemented in real time


  • Calibratability: 0.30l
  • Volume: 40.0 cl
  • Height: 103 mm
  • Diameter: 88 mm

The scope of packaging includes the drinking vessels in the standard 6-piece carton, as well as the usage and rinsing instructions inserts.

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Rastal Smartglass Harmony 40

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