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Rastal Smartglass mug

Rastal GmbH & Co KG specializes in innovative drinking glass and decor design. We, SINNUP GmbH, distribute RASTAL Smartglass exclusively in Austria.

The innovative RASTAL SMARTPRINT® printing process “hides” the NFC chip permanently and dishwasher-safe in a decoration or brand image. The glasses are printed by means of 2-color direct printing process. Due to the worldwide unique identity (UID number), each drinking vessel is thus unique.

The use of the NFC Smartglass works without an app. The integrated NFC chip enables easy connection over short distances. To do this, simply hold the smartphone a few centimeters from the chip to start the defined application.

Infinite possibilities through the real-time cloud system. Benefit from dozens of added values, such as:

  • One-to-one interaction with the relevant target groups
  • Compatible with all systems and applications
  • Statistics and evaluations immediately and in real time
  • Instant campaign feedback
  • Digital individualization per drinking vessel with the Telekom Cloud – in real time


  • Calibratability: 0,25l
  • Volume: 30,6 cl
  • Height: 174 mm
  • Diameter: 58 mm

The scope of packaging includes the desired drinking vessels in a standard box of 6, as well as the usage and rinsing instruction inserts.

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Rastal Smartglass Fresh 0,25l

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