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NFC business applications

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SINNUP offers a diverse range of NFC solutions for future-oriented Marketing 4.0. On this page you will find ideas for NFC business applications and sample products that have already been successfully implemented.

NFC applications for marketing 4.0

Digitization is having an impact on everyday communication, leading to a linking of the haptic and digital worlds. The effortless exchange of digital information combined with the wide range of NFC applications via the smartphone – that is Marketing 4.0. Internet of Things, or IOT for short, opens up the possibility for the user to obtain actions or further information with the smartphone by touching the networked object.

NFC solutions on one platform

We provide our NFC Cloud Platform to match the NFC product solutions. On this platform, the individual NFC chips or QR codes can be managed in batches. Thus, each product can be tailored to the customer and can also be changed again on an ongoing basis. In addition, you have a good overview of whether and when your products are used by the customer. If you are a reseller or an agency, you are welcome to use the platform yourself with your own login data. SINNUP offers NFC business applications for your individual requirement.

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